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Coffee enemas - flushed face


I have been doing regular coffee enemas lately for detox/herx support. Generally I feel much better after I do one but I notice my face is quite flushed afterwards. Not itchy but noticeably red and flushed. No other concerning symptoms.

Anybody else experience this or know why it's happening?

I don't believe that I'm allergic to coffee but I have no way to prove that either.

Thanks for reading


Senior Member
I wonder if that's part of your detox process or perhaps it's a histamine reaction?

There are different antihistamine websites and some list coffee as OK and some list coffee as histamine releasing. But youve had no reactions to oral coffee right?

@helen1 I actually have histamine intolerance and manage my diet accordingly. What's different here though is my normal histamine reaction is a rash on my chest, prickly skin all over, anxiety, palpitations, depression, fatigue, insomnia.
I get a feeling of wellbeing from the coffee enema and the only downside (if it is one I should be concerned about at all) is noticeable flushing of my face that lasts for a few hours after the enema.
As for coffee orally I have no unusual symptoms but perhaps if I drank a cup I would flush also (I am abstaining as my adrenals have been under pressure).

Thanks for your input