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CNS compression / stretching -> calcium influx in neurons -> possible treatment = calcium channel blockers

Cinnarazine is also an antihistamine??
Yes it is. In fact, I've been wondering weather histamines are also part of the problem. I don't have any mcas symptoms, but I do have sensitive skin - this has improved a lot with cinnarizine, but I still can't wear my earrings as otherwise my ears would get itchy.
But I really don't think they are THE problem. I have tried another normal antihistamine before to aid sleep and it never in a million years had the amazing results of cinnarizine (although it made me sleep well!).

Very interesting to hear about migraines and the CXA. I've always suffered from horrible menstrual migraines and flying induced migraines my whole life. This month, for the first time ever, I didn't have any menstrual type of migraine. I've also been feeling more calm and much less anxious.

I think it's a great little drug!