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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome mentioned on FOX News program

Interesting Segment

Glenn Beck's a little off the handle, to me, but he's asking some important questions. I wouldn't side with the Endo' yet and start blaming flu vaccines for "CFS," but it's really something that should be considered. A connection was being looked at as of the Cold Harbor meeting with NIH.

Even the vaccine advocate doesn't trust the government, but he'd rather go to those in the know, some of whom "work for the CDC." Catch 22.

I got my regular shot a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, Fluvirin contains Thimerosol. There is a flu vaccine that doesn't - not sure if it's shot or nasal - but you'd have to call around ahead of time, probably 'get it at the hospital instead of your local drug stores. Will I get the Swine Flue shot, though? Likely not. Capital Lyme in D.C. just held a conference on this; the '70s version killed and gave M.S./M.S-like sickness to more people than the flu did.

IMPORTANT: I am not a doctor and this is not to be construed as medical advice. Your results may be different.


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vaccines and xmrv

I don't feel that vacs cause CFS but my concern started with regard to my son who has aspergers and a number of other neurological issures. It is interesting to concider that I could have passed on this retrovirus to my children. If this is the case then I and my children have compromised immune systems. Therefore, being injected with a live virus (without thermisol) or the dead virus which contains thermisol could cause some serious problems in this segment of society (especially in children whose brains that are not fully developed).

My four year old daughter had the flu mist last year which is a live virus not containing thermisol. She immediatly got mono, fifths disease and developed an intolerance to dairy. She was on the couch for 6 months and still can't drink milk.

I think the pieces of the puzzle will start coming together and we will realize that people with compromised immune systems should not be getting all these vaccinations. I also hope that we will, one day, be able to test children for things such as mitochondrial disease and possible xmrv before we shoot them up with all this stuff. Time will tell.


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Austin, TX
frickly, so sorry to hear about your daughter. i hope others don't mind if i throw out some weird vaccine stories, too. my 4 year old got a thirmerasol-free flu vax last year & immediately had a temp of 105 & an ear infection. i vaccinated her around 6 months w/ Dtap & continued for about a year to do IPV, Dtap, & HIB, then stopped. i didn't like what i saw: she had a cold that lasted a year; her temperament was irritable, etc. jump ahead to child #2: no vax at all, but played w/ her cousin who had just had his IPV or MMR in a baby pool, & swear to God, that vaccine shed & put her in the ICU w/ temp of 107. she was previously healthy. my story is worse: i've had CF since 1990 or 1993, but after a round of vaccines needed to work at a hospital, i was unable to walk. i immediately lost 15 pounds (went on to lose 5 more), all lymph nodes were inflamed, could not tolerate light/sound, etc.
important: i am not a doctor, but i act like one, Warbly512! i certainly hope not to offend anyone, especially if you count on vaccines to help keep you well. i just think they can't possibly be for everyone.