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Chinese skullcap seems to correct PEM/the energy problem in ME


Senior Member
Hi msf
Good to know.
Makes perfect sense.
One thing for.def we are not burning sugars. If we do consume just end up more lactate in the system...worsening condition.
Keto is the business. We have somehow to keep.ketones in bloodstream to keep.eneegy homeostatis.
I have to agree with you strongly. On that.

With regard to making sure you stay in ketosis, I found you have to be much stricter with yourself if you aren't exercising regularly, since you aren't burning many carbs. I found keto strips are a good way of making sure you are in ketosis, rather than just assuming.
When you say you still find skullcap effective, what are you referring to, ie in what way is it still effective? Playing a partial role in suppressing PEM?

I have lots that I bought and at the time felt I was seeing positive results but was taking it with Apiginen and I started rotating onto something else. Really need to be more systematic and journal to keep track.