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Cherry angionomas-----Bromism

I had probably asked a dozen MDs what caused the little red dots on my trunk area(chest-back) and they all replied it was just a sign of aging. I believe the phrase "I don't know" isn't part of the curriculum at med school--anyway after a bunch of research it turns out that the angionomas are a sign of bromide poisoning. Bromides will take the place of iodine in the thyroid and hinder it's ability to produce hormones.

When I first started on Iodoral I had some really bad headaches as the bromides were displaced but after a few days I began to feel better with more cognition and more energy. My TSH is still a little high at 4.3 but I feel it will come down with time and more iodine.

Bromides are everywhere in our lives from breads to flame retardant materials and as a halogen they are a poison to our bodies.


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Very interesting. I've gotten tons of angiomas and had asked the dermatologists about them and got the 'there's nothing to worry about' speech....

Definitely something to look into further.


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I love iodine. It's netted me a TSH of below 1, and all things are much better. But I never heard about cherry angiomas being linked to bromide. This is interesting. However, while I've been on iodine for about four years now, my angiomas have not gone away.

Be aware if you start iodine you could have problems to start. In addition to stirring up bromide it can also stir up mercury in the body. The detox it can precipitate is very not pleasant, and many people find they need to chelate for heavy metals for a while before they can tolerate iodine. I was one of these people. After a couple rounds of chelation, though, I tolerated it just fine.

FWIW I've also heard cherry angiomas linked to high blood sugar. This is one of my problems, and is why I think my angiomas are still hanging around. Anyone with cherry angiomas might want to look into blood sugar issues, as well. Just because your fasting levels are okay when checked with your labs doesn't mean your blood sugar is okay. To ascertain you truly have no problem you need to check for blood sugar spikes an hour and then two hours after eating. Only way to do this is with a glucose monitor.

Just my $0.02.
Auckland, NZ
Here's my post, almost a year ago now (damn!), about my experience with iodine and bromine:


Here's a blog that you may find interesting:


I tried hitting iodine again just recently - but with lots of kelp, as I'm still too scared to take Iodoral...

I felt noticeably better for the first 2 weeks - although didn't sweat this time. However, I crashed once again. I also developed a bromine rash on my left forearm.


As per the article above - During pregnancy, thyroid hormone requirements are increased by about 50% over pre-pregnancy levels. A lack of iodine during pregnancy can have a significant impact on the brain development of babies both in-utero and after being born.

My Mum, a midwife of over 40 years, regularly sees an increase in cherry angiomas with her clients as the pregnancy progresses. She prescribes them iodine of course, but I find that very interesting.

So, for my money, there is something to this.