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Cerebral Folate Deficiency


Senior Member
Virginia, US
any thoughts? high serum b12-folate and low homocysteine, I have been told, are signs to look into this. High dose folinic is used and testing for folate antibody receptors... ??


Senior Member
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Hi soulfeast, interesting topic! I found that on doing methylation protocols for about a year, I built up high levels of serum B12, serum folate and red cell folate. I am not entirely sure what this meant. I have normal levels of serum homocysteine. I have never had any CSF testing done.

I found this paper on Cerebral Folate Deficiency http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1469-8749.2008.03185.x/full
It's interesting that they talk about milk as a possible issue. They also mention mitochondrial issues. Folinic acid is the recommended treatment, which is interesting as I did find I tolerated that much better than methyl folate.

I am currently trying to work out the whole issue with dairy. I also may try folinic acid (as calcium folinate) again. The only things I take at the moment are B2 Riboflavin 6.25mg once/day and recently added D-Ribose back in for a trial. In November I have an apptmt with a Neurogeneticist to be investigated for any possible inherited mitochondrial disease/disorder. Hopefully I might get some more detailed biochemistry tests...sigh! ( I had to see a second Neuro & put forward my own case for him to refer me on for this). I am getting tired of having to push all the time to get help!