Cerebral Blood Flow Is Reduced in Severe ME/CFS during a 20 degrees head up tilt test (Van Campen et al 2020)

Rufous McKinney

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I'm way past worrying about the cause of my death...it's coming as anyone in our age range (hubby is 77 this year), can attest. Like CFS/ME and our other problems, we realize it and make our peace with what's coming. This new research will be especially for those of you who are young...and yes, I'm glad.

yeah- similar here. What happens next will happen. I can do only so much about it all. At some point, you try to enjoy your day, what bits of it there are.

One thing about a long haul of ME CFS is- well there is time, now, for me to thoroughly ponder everything thats already happened. As opposed to needing alot of New Happenings.

Right now, I'm investigating a cave I encountered in 2003 on an Hawaiian Island.

For me, when I lie down on my back- I get a head ache thats odd and weird, and throat stuff, so I don't like to lie back for very long.

But collapsing anywhere in the fetal position? Love that.


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@Hufsamor....Do you find the same problem? Also, did you have what may have been POTS? And has now become high blood pressure? I can't figure any of it out at this point, the doctors can't and I'm a walking case of getting older with a chronic (now that's a mistaken name) disease. Sorry, Syndrome. Anyone else? Yours, L.