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Hi I'm considering CBD oil for pain ...
Also could help anxiety
Any experience here please ..
I'm in the UK ...it seems a bit of a vague field to find out about even though there are lots to try ..
I need it without any THC

Rufous McKinney

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maybe there is just too much online info to wade thru?

I use topical products. I have some here. Various brands. Sometimes THC is in the topical, its not causing any psychotropic reactions as its a very low dose.

some topicals include other oils, for pain , for example, but I try to avoid those as I put stuff near my eyes......I don't want eucalyptus oil added, for instance.

Its very helpful for me. Examples:

root canal aching nerve, applied it for months after, helped reduce that pain. (on my face, by my nose where this nerve runs up)
trigeminal nerve: really bad lately (I mean REALLY bad) jaw/aching
aching lymph node above liver (bad, its bad, its scaring me)
inflaming surface veins, inflaming knuckles/ weird neurological issues- apply works great.
aching back of neck

Recent developments: I just started trying the Copaiba oil externally, and doing some foot applications to reflexology points which correspond with problem areas: focus my eyes, I can barely hold them open or read or see.