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Can dysautonomia be reversed?


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What did they use to calm their nervous system? I agree, it feels like mine is short-circuiting


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As soon as I start drifting off I'm shot awake by a shot of adrenaline and it's just that way the whole night. I never sleep because of this.
Here are a couple of notes about adrenaline surges from other PR members:
*Cold; mutaflor probiotic; identifying triggers*
From Basilico on PR:
My husband has had this issue [with adrenaline surges] a lot. For him, most of the things that cause the excessive adrenaline issues in some way do so by triggering a vagal nerve response. Also, his MAO system is not very efficient at breaking down adrenaline (which we learned after getting his genetic testing done), so when he gets an adrenaline burst, it lasts much longer than it should.

In terms of dealing with the adrenaline burst after it's already happened/happening, we've not found a magic bullet, but we have come up with a bag of tricks to help deal with it - he does sometimes need to use either Propanalol [or] Xanax works much better for him.

Additionally, we've found that being in a really cold environment (like A/C full blast) seems to prevent it or reduce it pretty quickly. We learned this after one of these attacks sent him to the emergency room, but after sitting in the waiting room which was really cold from excessive A/C, he suddenly felt much better. After that, we've tried experiments with turning the A/C really high in the car or at home, and it seemed to really help.

But probably what we try to focus on the most is preventing it from happening as much as possible by avoiding triggers. For him, there seem to be several triggers that prompt his wonky vagal nerve to trigger an adrenaline attack. His triggers are: low blood sugar, low blood pressure, and needles (so acupuncture was not really successful!).

He still is prone to excessive adrenaline, and it's probably something he'll have to deal with for life, but after taking a really good round of Mutaflor probiotic, a majority of the crazy adrenaline attacks just eventually stopped. He credits the Mutaflor for that, and I think it was likely that the Mutaflor did have a really big impact for him. Since gut flora control neurotransmitters, that's not such a stretch.

Also, certain supplements seem to trigger adrenaline attacks - for him, specifically P5P (B6). I don't know if you are taking any B vitamins, but if you are, you might consider testing them/suspending them to see if anything changes.

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from belgiangirl on PR:
Another trick might help to lower your adrenalin in the body is this once told me by an older GP when I told him about my heart racing thing:
1. Start breath out as extremely slowly as possible, make it the longest outbreath you could ever do, it may take minutes (of course don't get dizzy or don't nearly try to kill yourself ;) ).
2. Then breath in very quickly.
3. Then repeat: breath out extremely slowly ...

Most people's heart rate goes up when breathing in (adrenalin also) and goes down when breathing out.