Buying antibiotics for Lyme online


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Antibiotics are not effective against persistent Lyme disease. The biofilm forming stationary phase of lyme resists all antibiotics.

Why are you not receiving treatment from your doctor? Will they not test or are the tests not confirming an infection?

I have read a number of research papers on lyme treatment. Essential oils are highly effective against stationary phase lyme and there are a number of herbs which can treat lyme & co-infections.

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Mycoplasma is one Lyme co-infection. These herbs also work with other Mycoplasma species.
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How to Make Liposomal Essential Oils at Home: Ultrasonic Method Tutorial
BTW Stephen Harrod Buhner has written several books on treating Lyme with herbs and supplements. I did read that copper I is meant to be quite effective.
please read my article on my experience with lyme disease: