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Brain Sensitivity / Headache without the pain


Senior Member
Brisbane, Australia
As I get older my autism has been getting worse and I've been finding it harder to:
  1. Spell words - I'm so bad sometimes I need google to guess what I'm trying to spell.
  2. Assemble words into a clear and concise sentence.
    • Selecting the right words and putting them in the right order with none missing.
  3. Put sentences in the right order so that others can comprehend.
However, since my recent fasting, I'm a different person, my autism is now obvious to me...
My first response to anything is autistic, then a few seconds later, a more empathetic human response.
I'm having to correct and cover up my autism and social foopahs. :oh-dear:
I'm learning and with a little bit of effort, I notice I'm becoming more human.

This morning whilst practicing Tai Chi I had this thought:

Could the reason time passes more quickly as we get older,
be because our lives are less busy (having to cope with a slow brain).

Sadly, many of us are getting dementia. In today's world its becoming more common.

More car accidents (due to slowing brains) has led authorities to reduce speed limits. I say "slowing", because I don't think it's aging (it doesn't appear to happen to everyone or advance evenly). Speaking of accidents: Last month I had my first in 30 years of driving, it was my fault, there were too may things happening at once.

Frame damage.jpg