Bpc157 side effects.


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heard bpc does weird dopamine stuff tho

like adhd meds wont work post-BPC

Ugh bro this meme is fucking with me

Its said 5o apply to opioids and coffee ,

I need to fix my ligaments but I also need analgesia especially if it doesnt fully work

So that idea is disturbing

Besides long term cancer stuff it seemed like bpc157 was as safe as water for awhile

But there are a few of these anecdotal reports

Idk if it's enough to not try it. Most side effects of most meds are reversible

And nobody knows how this works


I dont want to waste it

Is there anything that doesnt do that?

Yea it’s anecdote based on mechanism of action

What I dont get is the permanent or long term part

Even with stuff like paws, there are simple ways to reset receptors

Benzodiazepines might be the exception to the rule but they do have some experimental ways to do it, just harder than other drugs

It’s permanent because you’ll grow more capillaries the sight of injection too, I was wondering about pill form to help my gut as well

The idea that a med that is a common internal peptide not only decrease the effect of other drugs but does that possibly permanently, ugh idk

I guess this is another dream dashed

I would love to fuse less of my spine than I'll have to at this rate of degeneration

Stem cells are too expensive. Peptides are one of my only Hope's




I read this but it was like not long term

So idk what to make of that

Of something could help me heal and it only hurts short term I would be a fool to throw it away

I know a doctor who uses these quite a lot , who might have insight

> Considering the forthcoming amphetamine challenges, in the rats initially treated with pentadecapeptide BPC 157, either 10 microg- or 10 ng-dose, at the time of the first application of amphetamine, the stereotyped behavior remains to be attenuated after all additional amphetamine challenges (on d 2-5, 8, 16, and 46)

But I dont want to fall into the trap of assuming he knows bc has an expert

d46 is quite a long time, but not sure if it would affect pain in 46 days too

Okay, but again, stereotyping or stereotypy, as I told my sister, is a pathological sign of overuse of amphetamines. Without mor context it could mean that its helping the side effects go away without stopping beneficial effects

It's like saying something attenuated respiratorybdepression or itching caused by morphine

One would not know if that's brilliant or bad

I agree it's a potential problem

It's just that my neck is hanging by a thread and I dont fancy fusing lower than c2, but if it continues to deteriorate I may not have am option. So I'm obsessed with regenerative medicine, and finding the cause of the inflammatory degeneration

Bpc157 always seemed very safe, why I bought it



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It messed with my dopa but goes away after a couple days of stopping. It def works well for me besides that, i think everybody should consider trying it.


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I experienced mental agitation and anxiety as a side effect of BPC-157 injections, so I stopped using it.