"Book Seat" bookholder for reading in bed


Fine, thank you
I've just been trying out this Book Seat bookholder (22.99 on UK Amazon, or $29.95 here on US Amazon).

It's a clever design - a sort of very light beanbag thing with a perspex strip that holds the book open. It's a bit expensive but if you spend tons of time boringly lying in bed I think it's a good investment.

I wanted something to hold a book so that it would stand on end so I could read it lying horizontally on my side and this is the only thing I've seen that looked as though it would do that. And it does, I'm happy to say! I've found that I have to prop something else behind it to give it stability but it does a good job of gripping even a thick book, even when you're right at the beginning or end (so the thicknesses of the two sides of the book are very different).

Nice to be able to read without strain while lying down! For those of us who need to pace, I think this is a real tool in self-management; I find it's usually boredom that makes me avoid resting as I should so if I can read while I'm resting, I rest more. :angel:

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That's a clever device. I like reading on my side too, and get tired of trying to prop up hardcovers, in particular.

I finally took the plunge and got the least expensive Kindle. I love it. It's really lightweight and easy to hold. Being able to increase the text size is great for middle-aged eyes too. I find I'm reading much faster -- eight books in the last six weeks.

But considering that my husband left me with a basement full of books that are only half read, and that Kindle books are around $10 a pop, I might just have to save some money by getting that bookholder too. Thanks for sharing the link!