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Bone toxicity damages organs

Le Mans, France
Anyone has experience or info about this ? I feel like mineral exchanges between bones and blood are destroying my health.

Reasons I have to think this

  • I am sure I have eliminated all the toxins that I had elswhere in my body (at least the main place where they are stored : organs, fat, skin)
  • After being very fatigued for 2 years I started moving again and I noticed that new symptomes appeared that could only be from bones toxicity. I tried activities that only involved stress on the bones like letting my weight fall on my skeletton with the leat muscle/energy spending possible (sitting repeatedly, lifting and dropping my heelsrepeatidly from the ground)
  • I crave Calcium and phosphate foods and eating them aleviates a lot of the symptoms (and also fluoride, sulfur)

Symptoms are :
  • Loss of energy, lightheaded,
  • kidney problems : need to pee often, pee very few, difficulties digesting dairy, meat

Other notes :
  • THose symptoms are a lot worse than what I felt the few years after my elimination diet
  • For 2 years I spent most of my days and nights in bed, and now when I move I really feel shitty. I also noticed this at the beginning of my elimination diet so I believe it is not due to inactivity

It is only chronic symptoms and I'm likely gonna be OK if I'm careful (blood tests for kidney, calcium and phosphate came out OK, though at that point I had started a chronic kidney disease diet on my own...), but I thought I'd share this here, maybe it can help some people who have health problem to see they are not alone having weird symptoms.

I will update this as I think of more things


CFS Fighter
Chicago, USA
I seem to be gaining some energy improvements by focusing on gum & teeth health.. see some of my posts on root canal and gum cleansing where toxins can hide.

I have also removed dairy from my diet which has helped me. I am starting to look into GAPS diet as well.
Le Mans, France
I tried removing dairy two times, didn't changed any thing... I tried the GAPS and it was a big revelation. Eating my meals without fiber (elemental diet) really helped too.