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Bioresonance against coxsakie viruses

Did anyone try bioresonance therapy for chronic enteroviral/coxsakie infection? Could it work?


Senior Member
Bioresonance is actually a fraudulent treatment designed to scam patients. The marketing literature uses scientific-sounding terms, which to the layperson may sound impressive, but it's not science at all, just mumbo-jumbo.

The practitioners would have you believe that their bioresonance machines can detect and diagnose any disease in the body, just by the patient holding a metal rod in each hand. But that's just nonsense.

Best not to waste any money or time on this.
Before getting a diagnose and feeling desperate with my permanent nausea 24/7 and other gastrointestinal issues I have, I went to a bioresonant doctor, who diagnosed me with several bacteria and viruses, except coxsakie. I bought two small devices and started using them to no vail, my symptoms became worse actually (maybe bc of the stress, who knows), so I quit. I still have these costly devices and was thinking that I could use them to target the coxsakie virus specifically, but that would mean another costly doctor’s appointment. Thank you both for your advice.