big food/stomach issues


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Woodridge, IL
over the last yr my MCS (I think that's what is causing this - have not totally ruled out everything else though) has increasingly limited which foods I can eat......finally figured out all the ones that cause vomiting, so I have eliminated those

now, the very few foods that are left are ALL causing diarrhea.....& the kind where I have almost no far no actual accidents, but this is so NOT fun, and is making it incredibly hard to hang onto my eating disorder recovery, too

and I think that it is effecting my electrolytes, too, bc I have been passing out a lot lately

I do have a Dr appt next week, so I am obviously going to bring this up with him, but I am feeling the need to write about it now......a week feels like a long time away & I have so many things to address with him, that even though he does spend a lot of time with me, I am not sure how much we will be able to cover

(& this is high on my lists of priorities, but unfortunately trying to get him to fill out info for student loan forgiveness has to take top priority (if I can manage to convince him to do so - it was really hard to even get him to sign somethign for a permanent disabled parking permit, bc he kept saying that this MAY not be a permanent disability......if I cannot get him to sign the loan thing I am completely and totally screwed- no way can I pay anything on loans when I am not making enough on SSDI to meet my most basic needs)