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Best books on ME/CFS

What are the best books on ME/CFS?

I am interested in recent books about potential treatments, both natural and pharmacological, but also about personal experiences with the illness.

Thanks for your help.


Senior Member
I think my analogy of a lottery fits this: whichever treatment for ME is listed anywhere has only a slightly greater chance of 'winning' than a treatment (maybe not included in anyone's list of treatments) selected at random. You can try someone's recommended cocktail of supplements or drugs, or you can try some herbs&spices from the local grocery store, or even some random organic material found near your home (safety first!). I wouldn't have considered cumin to be a strong candidate for treating ME, but it proved to be quite amazing (for me). Beef and lamb fat was an effective treatment for one symptom for a few weeks.

My suggestion is to experiment with cheap, easy-to-acquire potential treatments first. I ate a bunch of cow parsnip seeds yesterday, because they were free, available, and contained some strong-flavoured chemicals, one of which could be an effective treatment for ME (no sign of that yet). Of course, it could fail to help me, yet be an effective treatment for many other PWME, but I strongly doubt that any recent book on ME will list it as a potential treatment.