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Beds? Day beds? Recliners?


So people in my family with ME spend a lot of time horizontal because of fatigue and OI (as many of you probably do). This is starting to result in some musculoskeletal issues. I'm wondering what 'equipment' people use for this?




คภภเє ɠรค๓թєl
I switch between recliner and bed, depending on how I'm doing at the moment. Recliner is a nice option because I can vary how much upright I am. I don't always have as much OI as others but I always benefit from having my feet up.
We have an L-shaped couch downstairs, where I can sit with my feet up and my laptop in front of me or on my lap. It's big enough that I can have my legs up even with both of us lounging on it, and can stick my legs out sideways when they get sore from sitting semi-cross-legged for too long.

We also just installed a TV upstairs in the bedroom, where I can watch it while laying down on my good side, or leaning back against pillows. Then I have my ultra-comfortable mattress, which is way better for laying on than the couch is (couches comfortable for sitting on are usually pretty horrible for laying on for long).

I've had extended periods of intense OI in the past where I had to lay down all day, prior to starting on an NRI. Previously that meant moving my mattresses downstairs, and sleeping in the living room for a week or three, and going upstairs for baths rather infrequently. But with a TV upstairs, I think staying upstairs is an option, especially since we have a small fridge and microwave we could move up there so I could take care of myself during the day if it happens again.


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I don't have a lot of choice at my place, the sofa is too uncomfortable so my bed is the place I go to.

But to make it more interesting I turn my night bed into a nice day bed. I have a nice view of my neighbors trees out the window and also can see neighbors walking past and see them doing stuff outside.
So I get to see a bit of theatre/action from my bed when looking out the window. (mainly at the weekends, it's nice and quiet during the week)

I have nearly everything I need, TV, radio, books, scribble pads, magazines at the ready. I find ME makes me very scattered in the brain and so I will go from one thing to another not really completing much of anything.
I really have only just started eating my evening dinner at the dinning table after 12 years of taking it back to my bedroom and eating it in bed. But that is how sick I have been all these years.

As for exercise dmbaken I just do what I can, I try to do stretches. I always go for a walk, even if it is short one. I am a great believer in the importance of moving your body in some way. Even in my very severe years, all weak and bent over I would feebly take myself for a wee walk. I have been lucky so far, with all the laying down I have done, my back is still good. x


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I have a twin bed mattress on the living room floor in front of the picture window, as well as a camping recliner. I alternate from one to the other. Since my bedroom is in the back of the house, I don't feel so isolated during the day because I can see people walk by in the front.