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B vitamins and cancer

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The study, while not exactly flawed, is somewhat difficult to interpret, given the various methods involved in it's development and execution, which even Dr Brasky superficially addresses.

It reminds me of the 'research', done in the early 2000's I think, that 'proved' that vitamin A increases lung cancer risk in the test participants and may even precipitate it.

It was much later that it was revealed that the research subjects were all culled from backstreets and areas typically referred to as Skid Row. They were nutritionally deprived, already in bad health, and may have already been gestating cancer. Many were alcoholics.

It as further revealed that the research didnt use Vit A retinol, but beta carotene, which requires a lot of metabolic conversions before it can function as Vit A, and a lot of co-factors, probably lacking in individuals with already poor health.


You need to read the entire study, not just the headline. For one, this applies to men only, women dont seem to give the same results. For another, the intake of B-vits is restricted particularly B-6, B-12 and B-9, which need to have been extant for many, many years at pretty high dosage levels. For those who dont overdo and take mega-doses for at least a decade, the validity of the results of the research are questionable.

There's been a long-standing war against vitamin and mineral supplementation, which gears into action periodically. The reasons the medical community, coupled with BigPharm, wants to shut down this avenue of health and healing that the general population has come to rely on more and more as their Drs fail them ever more frequently is open to speculation. I know what I think, but you need to draw your own conclusions.
My own conclusions is that all depend on your methylation status, since b vitamins and
consequentially methylation, increase cellular activities...if your methylation status is under or normal is ok but if you overmethylates fo years could be a problem even for cancer risk. The problem is that test for methylation is difficoult to take and onle SAM/SAH seems to be reliable