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B-Vitamin Complex Eye dropper


Senior Member
I was trying to find these online but I can't find much and I only come across Vitamin A drops for eyes. For anyone that is knowledgeable, how can I create my own eye dropper that contains these following vitamins: Vitamins b1, b2, b5, b6, b7, b9, b12? And maybe Vitamin A and Vitamin E?

I am not worried about overdosing on these b vitamins because they are easily be removed from the body if too much, but vitamin E and A might b a problem and they are sticky/oily substances so I don't know how that will work and how I will get the dosages right. But I will follow the RDA guidelines for them all. Now how can I make this at home?


Senior Member
U.S., Earth
I'm quite curious- what are you trying to accomplish by taking vitamins as eye drops?

Would you expect to see some benefit over, say, sub-lingual drops?

Best wishes.