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Ativan, l-theanine, serotonin, gelatin, glycine, glutamate, etc.!


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Hi @YippeeKi YOW !! - my first trial of msg-containing foods (after being off of both pantothenic acid and lorazepam for quite awhile) happened by accident. My son had made a fabulous bbq tri-tip (it was SOOO good), using a marinade which contained worcestershire sauce and I had it for dinner with no problem (this was a year and a half ago). And it wasn't until a day or 2 later that I realized it hadn't caused insomnia for me, and I thought hmmm. . . .. okay, this is nice, and have cautiously experimented a little more, so far so good, but no meals yet which have been heavy on msg

I'm so glad your tolerance has increased too! Yeah, that would be absolutely fabulous if both of our GABA/glutamate systems are normalizing! I'm starting to think I've been off the lorazepam for 3 years, not 2, because I know I'd been off of it for quite awhile before I had the tri-tip.
Second star to the right ...
I'm starting to think I've been off the lorazepam for 3 years, not 2
We all know that three is the mystical, magical number: three wishes, three tries, three time's the charm ....

Considering that some unlucky souls have to serve a lifetime penance for this, I think we're pretty lucky, tho I know that it hasn't felt like that in the past, and I'm soooo happy to share the Good Luck Boat with 'ya !!!


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@SlamDancin - I just wanted to give you an update. Your posts got me thinking about collagen and partly because of its purported skin benefits and also because I'm no longer as extremely sensitive to msg and glutamate as I used to be, I've started taking a collagen product and am not reacting badly to it. My muscle testing indicates it's good for me, and I've been able to cut my BCAAs in half.

I've only been taking it a little over a week, but so far so good - another DIY lab experiment! So thanks for the recommendation. :nerd:

btw, grounding or earthing is helping my sleep - you might want to look into this, it might get you off the Seroquel! (I think I feel as strongly about Seroquel (if not more) as you do about 5-htp.)

fwiw, I think it's likely that my earlier extreme sensitive to msg and glutamate in all their iterations was caused by taking pantothenic acid for many years. I originally needed it at one time many years ago, and just kept taking it. Well, it depletes taurine I found out, and taurine is what helps us with glutamate excitotoxicity. So I stopped the pantothenic acid when I learned this (about 3 or 4 years ago) and my extreme msg/glutamate sensitivity has greatly lessened.
Did you take tuarine supplements to raise your levels?