Article: Non-Facebook Users - Vote for PANDORA


PANDORA is at 164 with 10 hours left - we didn't lose ground but there are onlyu about 50 votes dividing us from being out of the running. :eek:
PANDORA is at 164 with 10 hours left - we didn't lose ground but there are onlyu about 50 votes dividing us from being out of the running. :eek:
You mean 25 when you take into account the ones behind 200
I clicked on the bottom 20 ranked charities to see there actual numbers. Being the geek that I am I put it all in an excel spreadsheet.

Although PANDORA has done well to day with 150 additional votes so far, 15 of the bottom 20 charities that were ranked 180 -200 this morning now have more votes than PANDORA. The average number of votes above PANDORA is 22.

We need to get more votes. Please ask everyone that you know to go onto Facebook and vote.


I did the calculations at 1:45 pm.

Its all frozen up now - which may be good news actually.
You can get through every now and again, but it's looking pretty over-loaded.


Ouch - currently Chase have BERKSHIRE SCHOOL OF CONTEMPORARY ART, INC ranked at 200 with 1345 votes... but when you go to their page it says that they have 1,547 - way more than Pandora's 1,469. A few others are similar.

I think that we could well be outside the top 200 already, despite Chase not showing it.

Anyone else not voted yet?
Honestly I'll bet there is massive cheating going on. Hopefully Chase will catch that and adjust the numbers accordingly. Do you think t he art students are playing fair? I think not! :cool:
I don't do Facebook but I signed up just to vote and helped PANDORA get some more votes by signing up elderly relatives who support me but otherwise are unfamiliar with Facebook. It's hard for them to figure out but they gave me permission to set up an account for them and vote using their names.
Good for you Hope123. It's down to the wire. As long as you have permission, I think it is fine to help others to sign up.

My dog Cody, sat next to me all day as I tried to drum up votes. I thought about setting up a Facebook account for him too. I just wasn't sure that would be in the rules.

Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard on this.

It's after the close of the Chase contest. Great work everyone and special recognition to Frank who put his heart and soul into this.

I looked up each of the charities ranked between 180 and 200. PANDORA fell right in the middle with their number of voted (ending total 1571). So even thought it's too early to call, I am hoping that PANDORA made it into the top 200.

We'll know tomorrow. Hopefully we will be celebrating.

Warm Regards,
Unbelievably PANDORA hung firm and finished at 184th I think :victory::victory::victory:

We won't know for sure until tomorrow; Chase will be tossing out fraudulent votes and given the final winners tomorrow afternoon.
Preliminary results NOT FINAL PANDORA 172nd place

If I had known that Chase would tally the results so quickly, I wouldn't have posted so soon.

It looks like PANDORA might be place #172 with 1571 votes. We won't really know until tomorrow.

According to Chase, "Voting is now closed, and we are validating the results. The leaderboard reflects the standings as of the close of voting and not the final results. All voting will be reviewed in an effort to ensure votes were cast in adherence to the Official Rules. Final results and winners will be announced around noon on July 13th."

We'll just have to check back then. I feel optimistic though (okay not very unusual for me).

Unbelievably PANDORA hung firm and finished at 184th I think :victory::victory::victory:
Hi Cort,
Well at least we agree that they are hanging in there. If I knew how to do the smiley buttons I would put some in as well. Now off to sleep. Thank you for all of your work on this!

WTG - you all did awesome

thanyou all for your hard work.if it's official today and we're in what's next?
great that we were able to manage it. I am just waiting for official results but i already put one beer to the fridge :), 35 degrees over here so I will enjoy it much
cort, maybe it was your email which did the different on the end. It also showed us that even if we are tired - with a small coordination we can do some things.
it can be also motivated for the others the next time.

this is a good question alice - what is the next?

and people - please, dont delete your facebook accounts immediatly - there will be much more actions like this next weeks/ months. I dont like neither facebook but if we will to support some activities - its necessary and its just a big pity if you cannot join an action because of not having that stupid facebook
Time to have that beer, Tuha!

PANDORA won the $20,000!

It looks like in the last day we gathered perhaps 250 votes, from Lynn's report earlier. !!!! Well done everyone! :hug::hug: