Article: Non-Facebook Users - Vote for PANDORA


thanks lynn! i emphasize that there are only 3 more days to vote (ends july 13). ask all facebook friends to vote, too. together we can accomplish a lot! only about 1,100 votes for PANDORA so far; pretty low considering our numbers of afflicted and that people world wide can vote. let's get to it!
PANDORA is slipping fast! They dropped about 20 points in a day and a half. These other groups seem to be catching their wind. If they drop 25 points daily - and who knows what will happen in the frenzy at they could miss out. Got to keep voting for Pandora!
I don't know. I contacted Marly today - she's all over it. If you have one Facebook account please do not create another one to vote for PANDORA. Its a nice idea but Chase just put out an alert regarding that and that could hurt PANDORA.

Remember Pandora is under 'Patient Alliance For....." (just type that in....) not PANDORA.

Just 3 days more....

Don't be shy - reach out to family and friends and ask them to vote for PANDORA

Thank you for your reply Shiso. I too am trying to reach out to friends through Facebook to get more votes for PANDORA. I was going to close the Facebook account after the voting was done. But I am reconsidering now because of the generosity of some old friends and family. I tend to forget how isolated I have become due to this illness. It's good to reach out once in a while.

I wish everyone on this Forum would reach out to five people to ask them to vote. It could make a huge difference.

i posted on 2 other sites and told them time is running out.
good luck to pandora and us!
a freind who does research has emailed all her connections and boards...fingers crossed.
Facebook blurb--Expanded privacy settings

I, too, am a very private person, but just placed a blurb about the contest on Facebook and expanded my privacy settings so everyone could see. My friends have hundreds of friends.
Nice! PANDORA is up to 106th from 126th overnight - a very nice response. Three days left, the 10th, 11th and 12th.
That is great Frenchtulip. You are obviously making a difference. I have people "Friending" me on Facebook now. So I am asking them to vote and share it with their friends. I think people who are on Facebook tend to have quite a few friends.

Cort, thanks for the update. Hopefully the positive shift will keep on through the weekend. GO PANDORA! Let's build a NeuroEndocrineImmune Center!

The votes are going up for everyone really fast. Despite substantially increasing their votes PANDORA sank to 124th. We have a day and a half let!
can someone tell me....can i keep opening new facebook accounts and vote many times?

PANDORA has 1333 votes and has now dropped to 140th place in the last update this afternoon. The 200th place charity has 1255 votes. This is going to be close.

i went to one of the sites i posted and not one person has logged on all weekend.
Basically all charities ranked 120 to 200 are separated by a small handful of votes. When I just checked, the charity in 200th place as of the last update had more than PANDORA's 1350 votes (though there are some organizations in the range that have slightly fewer votes than Pandora, so it is probably still in the top 200 - just).

There are some charities in the 120 to 200th place range making impressive last spurts in the homestretch, and CFS/FMS/Lyme/GWI patients do not seem to be among them.
This is a crazy last day push by these groups - we have got to get PANDORA more votes@
I just looked at the charities ranked 190-200. Most of them have more than PANDORA'S current vote total. I am seriously worried now. It would be a shame to lose it on the last day. Any ideas on what we can do?

I just looked at the charities ranked 190-200. Most of them have more than PANDORA'S current vote total. I am seriously worried now. It would be a shame to lose it on the last day. Any ideas on what we can do?

We have to keep spreading the word and getting friends and family to vote. Its amazing how quickly these groups have caught up - PANDORA dropped 20 poiints in a couple of hours.
I tried to personally send a message to everyone on Facebook that mentioned CFS in their bio. Unfortunately, after about ten messages, Facebook started warning me that I would be banned because I was spamming. I stopped at the 15th email, because the warnings were becoming pretty severe. I saw that Cort posted something over there as well.

I would put the work in if I could think of something else to do. Let me know if anyone has any ideas. I'll be here all day (as usual).