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Article in Spanish press on the treatment of ME/CFS by CCI surgery at the Teknon Medical Center Barcelona (Dr Gilete's center)


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From the first article, translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

However, experts have found in their work that surgical treatment of craniocervical instability has significantly reduced the symptoms of a group of more than 15 patients with CFS/MS.

"This means that probably a group of patients with CFS/MS also have craniocervical instability. But not all. And that the surgical treatment of this problem -- the occipito-cervical fixation that corrects the instability at the level of the union of the skull with the spine -- can improve and to a great extent make disappear the symptomatology of CFS/MS -- chronic fatigue syndrome or myalgic encephalomyelitis --", said Neuroinstitut doctor Bartolomé Oliver.

This finding is pioneering at the international level and could be of help to some of the 46,000 patients suffering from this disease in Spain.

In fact, this team of neurosurgeons is currently compiling this data to conduct a clinical study, as it may have a "very important" impact on these patients.

"Those who still lack effective treatment have to give up their jobs and give up having a normal life again. On the other hand, if the diagnosis is reached with craniocervical instability, it can be solved surgically. We are seeing that these patients improve enough to recover an autonomous life and even social-labor reinsertion. Many of them were in bed all day and now they can recover their day-to-day life," said Dr. Vicenç Gilete.


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I have instability in my wrists and ankles as well. Are there surgical options for that? I have a feeling that AAI isn’t the only contributor to my symptoms (haven’t been diagnosed just musing). Seemingly the amount of perfusion I get into my head depends on structural problems throughout my body so that getting it perfect is like a rubix cube.