Article: AKtion Time! The CFSAC Action Begins!


I send them that great video on the history of ME/CFS, the White House Chronicle, and other stuff to get them to read (maybe) and get other info to them. I don't just do the what have you done thing, but I do do something everyday - I like this idea and we do need to fill up their mailboxes and get their attention. Next I will do the fax and phone call thing. Didn't think of that!!
THIS is the week to really slam them with faxes and phone calls. THIS is the week, folks, THIS is the week.

let's become a big pain in their collective butts!
I couldn't get Fauci's fax # to work on Faxorama- it said there was an error. I did get Collin's fax # to work.

Is anyone else having a problem with Faucis's # at 301-402-3573?
Hi GlenP, it said that also when I sent it, but when I went back to my email box to click on the "cofirm fax" link it said a few minutes later that it could not be delivered. Maybe I did something wrong.

Did he get so sick of us he changed this fax number?? LOL

Kathleen Sebelius is giving $7 million to health care centers for the underserved- but will ANY of that money go to ME/CFS?

A $7 million donation to a center for ME/CFS research center is what we need.
was in que

Mine went through after I checked a few hours later, but was in que at first--maybe so many sending him faxes?
Is there anyone else besides Collins, Fauci and (maybe also Kathleen Sebelius) we can email or fax?? Or write letters to?
Your representatives! Your Senators, Congressperson, state legislator(s) for your area. If they are hearing from constituents on this issue, it makes a difference and gets the issue on their radar screens.
On behalf of the organizers of the "Time for Action" campaign, I briefly want to say that we will be reporting back on the CFSAC meeting and our impresssions of Dr. Mangan as soon as possible. Please bear with us; we are still recovering from the CFSAC meeting.

We have a lot of good news to share and will explain why we feel that it's time to stop emailing NIH with our previous message.

--Charlotte v. S.