Anyone Else get ill after exposure to sunlight - not just the heat


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This Morley Robbins article could be a clue why :

Not enough magnesium , add hormone D and it flows blood with calcium( which many have too much to begin ) ,which is also antagonist for magnesium , hormone D also lowers ceruloplasmin which cause body to have more unbound (toxic) copper & iron etc...a double whammy ..

Boron seems to also increase ceruloplasmin


I've been hunting out research on the interaction between UV light and the immune system. I found the below, which some may perceive as interesting. It seems certain longer wavelengths of UV can help some autoimmune patients, other wavelengths can hurt.

The primary source for Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) ... is the sun, which emits radiation in the UVA (320–400 nm), UVB (280–320 nm) and UVC (<280 nm) wavelengths.

UVAR can be further divided into UVA2R (320–340 nm) and UVA1R (340–400 nm). UVA2R has similar properties to UVBR, whereas UVA1R has properties distinct from UVA2R and from adjacent wavelengths in the visible (blue) light range.

These wavelengths are absorbed by different chromophores and, therefore, have different biological effects. For example, UVBR and UVA2R are mainly absorbed by nuclear DNA, whereas UVA1R is absorbed by endogenous porphyrins, lead-ing to singlet oxygen generation13,14.

These distinctions are not strictly maintained but they are, nevertheless, of biological relevance,
as shown in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), for whom UVA1R wavelengths can be beneficial but shorter wavelengths trigger disease symptoms.


Last year I was able to to tolerate sun for hours. I used to sit in the sun for 5 hours straight or longer every day during the summer. I just felt better in the sun.
This year I suddenly cant tolerate any tiny amount of sun.
Both sunshine and vitamin D give me the same symptoms.
Makes my CFS 1000 times worse to the point that I am bed bound for 2 weeks.
Dizzines, vertigo, POTS, feeling like my heart will stop beating at any moment, severe fatigue, absolutely no strength, weird feeling like there is blood pooling in my brain/head.
It feels like as soon as vit. D is in my system my body/muscles stop recovering after being active.

I changed a lot of supplements this year but I also quit smoking.
But tbh when I came down with CFS I always had some issues with sun, only when I started smoking cigarettes sitting in the sun became beneficial so I'm quite certain that not the supplements but the lack of nicotine is making a difference this year.

edit: I'm not sensitive to bright light, heat or anything else. It really is just sunlight and vit. D, so I'm pretty sure its the UV-rays in the sunlight that are causing trouble by producing Vit. D

Hey @NotThisGuy ! I think I might have a theory to what's going on with you

According to a paper I'm reading, nicotinamide reverses the immune suppression caused by UV light.

Bernard, J. J., Gallo, R. L., & Krutmann, J. (2019). Photoimmunology: how ultraviolet radiation affects the immune system. Nature Reviews Immunology.

"oral supplementation of humans with nicotinamide prevents UVR-induced immunosuppression" It says.

So if you are high in nicotinamide you don't get immunosuppression.

But when you were smoking, the nicotine hits your cells and reduces the bodies ability to absorb nicotinamide

"Nicotine competes with nicotinamide for the binding sites in the enzymes needed for the absorption of nicotinamide, thereby lowering the amounts of nicotinamide available to cells."

So you were effectively low in nicotinamide! And now you're high in it. Which means you're no longer getting immune suppression.

Just a theory though. Other minds may want to weigh in... Nitric Oxide is also related to sun exposure and it regulates whether blood vessels contract or expand. Expanding blood vessels would cause all the symptoms you describe.

Can I ask whether you were more susceptible to colds when you were able to sit in the sun, or now? That might give a clue to whether you were immuno-suppressed then.