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Anybody Try Methylfolate product from Methyl Life brand? (or their B12 stuff?)

I have to take a high dose of methyfolate (12mg) to stay on top of thing while methylating. Currently, I take Solgar w/ Metafolin (the Deplin type methylfolate). IT IS SO EXPENSIVE! And, I have to take lots of pills. So I'm looking for alternatives and stumbled across this company:


The above link is to a chart with a comparison of Deplin to other types, etc... It was interesting reading, anyway, because of the discussion about the chemical differences between the forms of methylfolate, and their absorption rates.

Their prices are significantly lower than taking Deplin/Metafolin (about 1/4 the price!), so I'm really hoping their product is just as effective.

What do you guys think? Has anyone here tried any of their products? They also sell various types of B12.
@Critterina -- Thanks for the tip! I notice on the website that they have a bunch of own brand stuff for things I use (like CoQ10, d-Ribose, etc...) Have you tried other supplements from them? What do you think of their quality? I checked a couple and they seem to be significantly cheaper than a lot of the brands I currently use--but of course quality and efficacy have to come first. However, I could sure use ways to lower my supplements bills.

Edited to say: I meant cheaper, not more expensive, of course!
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@Soporificat ,
I've tried Piping Rock's other products and I can't say that they are any worse. I'm a bit curious about the vitamin K2 because thought it was light sensitive, but it's in clear capsules in a colored/clear bottle. I wouldn't know if it's less potent by experience - would have to measure blood calcium levels to figure that out, and I haven't been testing for a while.