Anybody get an electrocution feeling on their neck?


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So, the last couple days ive been laying on the floor for anwhile. It has felt good. Stretching out my neck. Could also be my addiction of bpc 157...

But! Ive got this feeling like my neck, prob one of the discs, is like slipping out of place maybe and like my mind and eyes and ears and eyes get shaking. Its really gross feeling. I can barely close my eyes right now too because they immediately start shaking. Im also getting sob, dizzy, and just feel intoxicated. Just general dysatonmia

Really not even sure if this is cci. But since its on my neck thought id check if others have this as well.

When i get up from the floor, i feel reallt good for a couple seconds. But it doesnt last. Same thing with pt the other day. Didnt feel good till later. If its even related.

My entire upper back and neck semed to be jacked up, muscles all tight. Maybe yall have this too?


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Sorry you’re feeling so crappy, @bensmith I get a similar feeling in my eyes during migraines, along with the vertigo and shaking, although those feelings have long preceded ME onset. Always due to subluxation of vertebrae from TMJ disorder and a bad accident years ago. My chiropractor uses an activator to manipulate my neck and cranial bones back into place. I find it much gentler than manual manipulation although sometimes it takes more visits than a manual adjustment to get it right. Haven’t been well enough to go see her for a while, takes a lot of energy.

I hope you find quick relief.