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Another Methylation Questions Thread. Need Some Advice.

Hey everyone,

I've been doing a ton of reading on this site and trying to make sense of everything, and while I feel like I'm starting to grasp methylation a bit better, some things are still unclear to me. Hopefully @Freddd or someone with a lot of experience can jump in here and help me.

My background is that I am heterozygous for both the MTHFR mutations (A1298 and C677 I think it is). I don't have ME/CFS or anything really serious that I know of, but ever since I found out I had these mutations and started trying methylation, I've been feeling pretty crappy almost every single day.

My daily symptoms include nausea, reduced cognitive function, brain fog, and feeling "off" in my head (kind of like a headache at times but not really a typical headache, idk it's hard to explain...)

I am thinking this may actually be partly due to the donut hole folate insufficiency that Freddd mentions, so I recently started upping my FolaPro to 2x pills 3x per day but something is still missing.

I've been doing Hydroxy B12 2,000 mcg per day which I recently found out I should probably not be using (doctor thinks I might possibly have a COMT mutation too which is why the Hydroxy was recommended for now). I have some MeB12 and AdB12 coming tomorrow and will switch to that to try again. The first time I took MeB12 I had a hard time with it which is why we switched to the hydroxy.

Here are my questions though:

1. Howcome there's no mention of a basic multi-vitamin in the protocol? Seems like this would be an easy way to get the vast amount of basic nutrients we need without taking 20 different supplements separately. I've been doing the Seeking Health multivitamin. Is this okay or should I stop and just take everything individually like it seems everyone else is doing?

2. I see glutathione is supposed to be avoided, but what about the precursors like NAC? I ask because the multi I've been using has 75mg of NAC per daily serving and I'm wondering if that's too much and if I should stop taking it due to that? I mean, our bodies make glutathione on their own so I guess I just don't really understand why it should be avoided.

3. The potassium/magnesium thing is still very confusing to me even though I've read through the whole potassium thread to try and make sense of it all. I see some people say they need more potassium and some need more magnesium. How do you really know the difference? What is a good starting point for both?

4. Regarding the donut hole deficiency, how do we know when we need more folate, or when we have possibly taken too much and need to slow down? From my understanding, being overmethylated can have similar symptoms as when you're in the deficiency (nausea, head pains, insomnia, anxiety).

I have a lot of difficulty falling asleep at night and something tells me it's because I took too much folate, so a lot of times I'll take a little bit of niacin and eventually fall asleep. But I've heard other people say they had sleep problems and more folate knocks them out, so I have no clue. When it's 5am and I'm still laying there with insomnia, I'm not much in the mood for experimenting and just go for the niacin.

5. What is everyone's opinion on the Seeking Health B12's? I never see that brand recommended even though it's formulated by a doctor who specializes in mutations (Dr. Lynch). It's got great reviews everywhere else, but I don't ever see it mentioned here. Just curious why.

Thanks for reading everyone. I really appreciate any insight you all can provide.