Another ME video by another musician

A rock musician by the name of Mark Emmins is recording a song and making a video for ME awareness. He's asking ME sufferers who are "wiling to let the world see them bedridden and ill" to send pictures of themselves to use in the video.

If you're interested, send your photos to

More info here:

His song, "Misunderstood," won't be recorded until Monday. However, other songs of his are up on (click the VIDZ button for music).

My one concern is that he wants everyone's pics by May 5 at the latest. I'm not sure he understands the concept of "ME time." Still, it's good to know that another person has joined the cause and is working to raise awareness.


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Oh his music is so soulful! I love it! Thanks for telling us about this Cinder. I predict this will be another tear-jerker.. get that kleenex ready everyone. I can tell by listening to this heartbreaker song he's singing Hearts On Our Sleeves that I'm listening to.

Reminds me of Bowie and Elvis Costello. :Retro smile:

I'm sending my picture in... it's still the 5th. I made it. Whew!

I'm looking forward to hearing/seeing the song too. Let's hope this is a trend. We need hundreds of artists on the case!
"Misunderstood" is for sale on Mark Emmins' website!

I'm not sure what's going on with the video. If you read his blog, it seems that strange things are afoot. But at least he got the song out before Wednesday. Not bad, given that he was recording it just last week.