Anhedonia, attributed to deficit in reward processing, is a core feature in CFS, MD, chronic pain...Review 2022


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Anhedonia is the reduced ability to strive for and to experience pleasure,10,11 and has been attributed to deficits in reward processing.12 Importantly, it is a core feature of many neuropsychiatric disorders, including chronic fatigue syndrome,10 major depression,10,11 and chronic pain,9 and has been associated with poor long-term outcomes and treatment responses.
Fatigue, depression, and pain in multiple sclerosis: How neuroinflammation translates into dysfunctional reward processing and anhedonic symptoms - Henrik Heitmann, Till F M Andlauer, Thomas Korn, Mark Mühlau, Peter Henningsen, Bernhard Hemmer, Markus Ploner, 2022 (

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