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Angry Emails to the NIH -- Good or Bad? (Split thread)


Senior Member

I feel a little silly now...but thats great...Sasha do they have a website or name by which the go by?

Can you fill me in as to what this action group is doing and are they sharing this actively with the community or is this just what is being conveyed through MEAction?

I see how this works through MEAction and I will persue this further.

It would be nice for the community to hear from this working group promptly when Janet Dafoe Tweets about how the NIH responded to the OMF Study.

And I can see that @JaimeS responded promptly which is great.

Sasha will/is there a central platform ie. Website for this working group?


Fine, thank you
@Justin30 - I'm afraid I don't know any more than is in that report. If you google on the group's name (USAWG), you might find more - maybe even if you search here on PR.