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anecdotal improvements for TGF-B1, MSH, C4A, VIP, VEGF with ANY methylation protocol?

Rosebud Dairy

Senior Member
Some asthma prone patients report high TGF-B1 but one of note did NOT have either a C677T or the A1298C genes, and other methylation genes have not been examined. Patient reports one parent has a "mold" gene and one has a "Lyme" gene (via Shoemaker), but has not had that test done. Patient has an MSH of 38 and was in a previous water damaged home, which has since been fixed.

A full Shoemaker panel has not been done.

RVK's study with Dr. Neil Nathan shows improvement in C4A, but this one is hard to track when the only lab in the area that does it IS a water damaged building, and they continually spray with propellant based germ killing sprays to cover the smell of the water damage. Patients with low VIP just can't go in there!

Does anyone out there have anecdotal tracking of lowering of ESPECIALLY TGF-B1 (or MSH, C4A, VIP, VEGF) while on the Simplified Methylation Protocol or Full Active Protocol, or even Full Yasko?

Patient's treatment goal is to lower TGF-B1 without the use of prescriptions, as patient's family members have many drug allergies, side-effects, and drug reactions.