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Amalgam removal

Since I took Glutathione and ALA at once for mistake I have terrible pain in my amalgams. I wonder what that means? I am scared to remove them. Should I do this? Can you share your experience with amalgams removal?


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Read up on the Cutler Protocol for Mercury detox. ALA is the key for his protocol but it is very important to take it in a specific manner + very important that you do not have any AgHg amalgams when you to take ALA or undertake mercury chelation. You post was from back in May so I'm not sure if things have subsided since, I'd hope so. The risk with taking chelation supplements while still having those fillings is it can distribute Hg to other organs in your body.

I did amalgam removal ages ago as I always wondered if it was impacting my CFS and I was desperate and was not a true believe on ADA pitch that mercury amalgams are totally innocuous. I saw a dentist specialising in removal and use of polymer fillings. He did the right things as par as procedures, but alas it seems it was not a key to my health woes as I never got the health recovery I was hoping for. I was studying at university at the time and I feel my ability to study for good grades actually went down after the procedure. Looking back in hindsight I wished I had done chelation straight afterwards, but I didn't. I got the peace of mind but not the recovery I was hoping for. I have tried the Cutler protocol since and had mixed results. I felt I had improved cognition / brain fog (somewhat bit not dramatically), but my skin deteriorated badly + having to wake up at night to take doses was tedious.


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Actually removing them would expose you to more mercury than leaving them in and the dentist has to remove more tooth enamel to place them. Also, plastic composite (resin) fillings don't work on grinding teeth because they aren't strong so they would just break in 2 years. The mercury amount is bonded to other metals so the amount you are exposed to with wear is actually small and within the capacity of the body to detoxify if you watch your fish intake (limit large fish like tuna and salmon) and have a night guard to prevent grinding if that is a problem. Gold fillings are very expensive. I would leave them be.
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