Alcohol Tolerance Poll

The Alcohol Tolerance Poll

  • My tolerance of alcohol shifted after I got ME/CFS

    Votes: 195 45.5%
  • My tolerance of alcohol did not shift after I got ME/CFS

    Votes: 41 9.6%
  • After ME/CFS I don't do well with even small amounts of alcohol

    Votes: 267 62.2%
  • After ME/CFS I do OK with small amounts of alcohol but can't tolerate moderate to large amounts

    Votes: 71 16.6%
  • LOL I can actually drink more alcohol now without it effecting me!

    Votes: 21 4.9%

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Tried a tiny amount of wine diluted in water. Felt flushed right away and old mosquito bites began to reemerge. That was my drink for the decade.


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I think my alcohol intolerance is more due to the histamine content and my twitchy mast cells, as I've had it since I was a very small child (I didn't develop ME until I was 17). If my Dad gave me a medicinal sip of brandy, or I was dared by my cousin to sneak a swig of our Nan's sherry, I'd flush burning scarlet from the shoulders upwards, and quickly begin to feel nauseous and headachey. I'm nearly 60 now, and I still do! I've never in my life managed to drink enough to get a hangover.