Aggressive Rest Therapy: My Experience

Resting in bed for 15+ h sounds like ART to me? Unless you are still doing things during the rest.
Most of it is lying in a dark, quiet room. It's a little boring, but I don't hate it yet, lol. A big chunk of the time is regular bedtime sleeping hours, and the other hours are broken up, so it's not bad at all. (oops, it's probably closer to 14 hours.)

ART seems very interesting overall, a lot of success stories as far as ME treatments go, but somehow no interest in it in recent times..
It is interesting, at least I'm interested. I couldn't escape rolling PEM and it was getting worse, and this feels like the answer.

I just had my worst crash ever and am trying to get out of it using ART. Same type of thing, literally lying in bed the entire day with minimal phone use, only get up to use the bathroom and eat meals in bed.
I'm so sorry about your terrible crash and hope it's getting better. I remember reading your post about it. It sounds pretty scary. Wow, you're REALLY doing ART. I hope you get good results soon. Keep it up. I hope it's not too boring for you. It will be worth it.

Thanks for commenting on this post/thread. I'd heard about it, and wanted to see it, so I'm happy you brought it to the surface.