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advice on titration trouble


Senior Member
I have only been on the fredd protocol for 14 days. I have the co factors all in place ( except need to tweek the B complex to get the Douglas labs and have now added the suggested vit A).
My trouble is that up to day 10 I was taking 500mg methyl B12 and have increased up to 600mg solgar methyl folate. I did have headaches, nausea, sore teeth and iredness, but was coping- in fact my daily migraines gave me a 5 day break! But based on feedback, I realised I might need to titrate up to get over the start up- trouble is in the last 3 days I dosed at 750 mg for day 11 an day 112 and day 13 (yesterday I increased to 1000mg methyl B12. This morning I could hardly move from bed- SO tired. My other symptoms- worse than tiredness are just the worst nausea and headpain- I cannot distinguish if I am getting rolling migraines or if this is just really bad nausea and headpain.
Today I have dropped back to the 500mg dose but feel terrrible.
Any suggestions?
Should I stop for a day and let my body catch up or just keep going at the dose of 500mg for a while longer as at least at this dose I seemed t be coing with the level of headahe and nausea- not sure how to deal with this? I realise that most of you will have been there, done that.
many thanks, Suzanne