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I have been waiting for a year and a half for my upcoming appointment with Dr. Chia. Now that it is approaching I am wondering if it will be worth it, at all. I live in Kansas and will have to fly out to LA and stay in a hotel.

-Has anyone on here been to him recently?
-Is his main focus still Equilibrant and Tenofovir?
-Has anyone on here experienced improvement with Dr. Chia or Tenofovir?
-Do you think it’s worth a trip out to see him? (I know this one is difficult to answer but I am so conflicted as to whether to spend the money)
-Is he the kind of doctor that listens or the kind that won’t let you get a word in and thinks he knows everything about you from the moment you step in the door? (Edited to ask this question)

Most of what I’m finding by searching the forum is secondhand accounts or people discussing interactions with him but not outcomes. He has given certain numbers but I’d like to hear firsthand some people saying they’ve seen a benefit.

I greatly appreciate your time and effort put in to respond to this!
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Tht's a tough decision. I hvae nothing to offer, but here's the best thread I culd find on Dr Chia. You've probably read it but just in case it has any information that might help tip the scales for you one way or another, here's the link....

Dr. John Chia talks about chronic enterovirus infection in ME/CFS - Interview by Amy Proal

Am also tagging in @Shanti1 who may know some better sources than I can pull together, and who posted the above thread ....