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Action Plan.. what i think needs to be done


Senior Member
Sth Australia
I think somehow the CFS/ME community needs to plan around the games they (psych field) are playing with us and the general public.

We can often know when they will strike eg Immediately after something comes out which helps vertify that CFS/ME isnt a psych illness. They dont want this info being focused on eg things like monkey study.. so they create their own publicity to try to get these things validating us unnoticed. To bury us.

Im thinking that could we (as a community) try to strike publically first? before they do? and beat them at the publicity game? The moment a postive study backing this illness is real is published... we need to be IMMEDIATELY targeting publicity at that point quickly before they do.

As media is so lazy nowdays (basically using each others stories and not bothering to write their own :( ).. sonot just informing media of new studies or whatever seems to be enough. They need to be actually tidily handed a piece they can publish (or dont need to alter much).

(I have since Ive been thinking of all this seen Muffins post.. great going :) ... it would of been great thou if somehow we could of all been quicker and got that out before they striked with those psych studies). I believe they WILL do things like this again.. beware whenever good study is coming out.

**sighs** hard when we struggle to get our brains together but a strike publically on this may of been able to be partly written and partly ready to go even before it hit properly publically as we knew monkey studies was coming out. (or maybe someone did do this but couldnt get it published in any of the news media anywhere fast?)

If we can start getting the info out first.. we could also try to get individual stories out on CFS/ME people too at the same time.. if articles were prepared to be released around time of validating studies being released. Use emotional impact, peoples stories (it will get throu to people better then) with new research coming out. Make the best use of things to get the seriousness of things across. (mix science with emotions). We hold a stronger emotional card and what we talk about is "Real". We have this which they dont.

Anyway.. im just thinking.. pubicity and speed (right timing) is the key to bringing major changes and helping stop what is happening now with the psychs. Those who seek to bring us down are quite aware of how to make the best use of the media, we need to learn this too. This is a war.