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a possibility how to make publicity and to get some money for CFS


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I am not for a long time on this forum but I already like it a lot.
Yeasterday I was watching TV and then I saw the publicity from UNICEF and Pampers. Pampers give to UNICEF for free one vaccine against Tetanus from each product which they sell.
I am just thinking if we could also apliccate it for CFS. I think this can be also a good publicity for us.
Imagine if for example a producer of a mineral water would like to support us. On each mineral water there would be a small publicity about CFS and from each product for example 1 % of the price could be used for CFS activities. So we would get the publicity (which we really nead) and the support for our case.
The question is if there are producers who would like to support us. At least we can try to contact someone. Maybe there are also cfs pacients, their families, friends who produce something and they could maybe do it for us Or maybe we could ask the people/companies which already support a CFS research/organisations - maybe it would be interesting for them - they could also sell more products.
So it was just and idea. Maybe its stupid and it cannot work. Just let me know what do you think about and if you have some ideas how to devolope it.


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Hi to the forum Tuha
I think its a brilliant idea, one problem I think would be finding a big enough company. There may well be people on here with connections, most people who sympathise with sufferers of this illness are those who have experienced it themselves or have a close friend or relative who does. Its good when foggy heads can produce good ideas, well done:D


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The other side.
I think you'd need to pick your sponsor with care - IMO a lot of companies running these sort of schemes are only doing so to mitigate bad press over their environmental impact