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A million 'don't knows'



As I was falling asleep last night, the beautiful thread on this forum somewhere came to my mind.
Some of us were talking about how we wish doctors and government bodies, (especially White/Wessely/NICE/CDC) would just come out in public and say "We don't know what causes ME/CFIDS."
Everybody started saying: "I don't know" to each other. It was super-therapeutic and cool to read.

Then I remembered about this site:
Fix Outlook campaign

and thought - what if we could get a sort of petition/action going like this which aims to get a million "I don't know"s and raises awareness that ME/CFIDS is an organic disease that they haven't quite nailed down the cause of yet? We could give doctors and MPs/Senators/celebs special mention in the site, highlighted somehow?

What does everybody think?
Rachel xx


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mountains of north carolina
I love this idea, Rachel. There was a thread a while back about how to "Re-Brand" CFS, and this would be perfect for that. Do you have the technical skills to make a site like FixOutlook.org, that would aggregate all the tweets?


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Bay Area, California
I love this idea! My hubby could figure out how to do it if we need him to. This is awesome!!

Here's what my husband said:

that kind of page is possible....but not easy at all to do

plus we dont have a server to host it on

u need a domain name, and a server for it

then all the work to make it secure, then all the work to set it up and make it easy to use

ie someone probably spends a lot of time per day keeping that working

if that is something you really want to do, it is possible

just not easy or quick

The site development was funded and managed by Campaign Monitor, email newsletter software for web designers, and was built by Newism, an Australian web design and development company.

so that was designed and built by a company and funded by another company

that is a live feed of a bunch of twitter accounts

I'm not up for that but if someone else is we can probably help you figure out how to put it up.

Here's the rest of our conversation which went off into just starting up our own website like CFS_OUT for those who are interested:

once u have a name, and u want a website, u need a hosting server
to put it on, and ideally a nice cheap internet feed which is fast but works

tee: what is that?
you have a laptop for your link into the internet

tee: aren't we all already on internet feeds?

a website has a server to link it to the internet

tee: how big and how much are servers?

depends, wide range
and depends on how much you use it for, and how many people access it

tee: we want millions to access it!

lots of grapics and such is harder to display than text for a bunch of people
millions per month, or all at once?

tee: at once

millions at once....u want text only, no graphics or the server will melt
not to mention a server gets charged based on the data it sends out
so if a million people download a 1mb graphic

tee: want graphics, like the guitar player on that info card i showed u

that is a lot of data and is expensive

tee: then how are we able to post all of these graphics on our forum?

partly because it just provides a link, and fotobucket provides the picture
links are text

tee: so we can put graphics on it without melting it, right?

yeah probably should be fine

tee: Okay, actually, we probably won't have millions coming to the site anyway. Most likely this won't be a problem.

this is not a subject for over a chat
there is too much info that you should know

tee: got it, i agree.

if u want to get an idea of how complex, do a google for: best internet hosting

tee: ok ty

tee: k ty

there are other cheaper ones that have a huge range of options
a lot of the cheaper ones, suck
here is another place http://www.webhostingsearch.com/dedicated-server.php
ie that shows u links to other places
but it is NOT simple to choose, and if u choose wrong, u can have problems for years
there are reasons i dont yet have one of those for stuff....its messy

u also have to decide how much work you want to do, what kind of services you want, etc

oh yeah, and just like everything
once you find a place that 'sounds good' you need to do lots of research on problems people had with them, etc
as all the writeups you quickly find may have been written by them and they may be a scam

tee: right

thats why it takes me forever to get stuff....i have to research all the issues, etc, but usually it works and we get good stuff only :)

here is another one http://www.slicehost.com/

that is the one I had thought of using at various times....
and that one shows some pricing examples on the front page

they also have good question section: http://www.slicehost.com/questions/
that is designed for geeks who need boxes...not non-techies

ETA: There are probably people here who know about good hosting sites too.