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A Medical Abuse Hotline is Coming


Plant Queen
Hey everyone!

I learned of this recently and wanted to share here. An organization called Health Justice Commons is starting the first ever Medical Abuse Hotline and is seeking donations to get started.

The hotline will be available for anyone to use (I think this is US only?) and they hope to have the it up and running by the spring of 2020. It will be a free number where people can report and receive resources if they've been subject to medical abuse.

The goal of the hotline is not only to help those calling in, but to catalogue the extensive problem of medical abuse and bring about systemic change. 💪

I think this hotline will be invaluable to so many of us in the ME/CFS and chronic illness community who have been (and still are) regularly dismissed and/or mistreated.

There is much, much more information about the project at the link below. Please check it out and feel free to share in your circles! My goal is to help spread this information far and wide.