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Article A Gut-Immune-Energy Model: Pt. II – The Armin Alaedini Interview


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South East England, UK
nteresting on the TUDCA. It is also part of @mariovitali's regimen for recovery, and fits into the new NIH finding on WASF3 overproduction, because it reduces ER stress
Hi Murph

I had to stop the Tudca after 12 days as it pushed my bp too high and I also had insomnia with it waking way too early (I have a tendancy for that anyway). Because it gave me better energy plus the bp thing and my finding that there is research that showed it helped with conversion of T4 to T3, the active thyroid hormone I tried stopping the tiny bit of T3 I take but carried on with my normal dose of 50 mcg T4.

There was a noticeable drop in my energy and by day 3 I realised I just couldn't function without the added T3 even though my dose is tiny at 6 mcg twice daily. I felt better energy and muscle power as soon as I was back on the T3. I do have 3 SNPs which slow down or negate this conversion of T4 to T3 (IDO2) so at least it was proof that I benefited from the T3 which sometimes I forget! Unfortunately my GP doesn't understand anything about this so I buy the T3 myself from an online pharmacy in Europe) with my GP ordering an annual blood test (but often the lab doesn't do the T3 levels so I get it done privately).

Finally I found out that Tudca is supposed to help with this conversion via IDO2 hence me trying to see if it would be sufficient but it definitely wasn't at least in my case but I think it could help others who don't have these SNPs but still would benefit from some active hyroid hormone which Tudca supposedly helps with.



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Southern California
Are there any companies (Besides Sun Genomics which I personally had a bad experience with) whom can prepare custom personalized probiotics based on gut biome testing?
An animal model would be wonderful.
I don't think it would be wonderful. That thing, ME/CFS, that is completely awful and we would give nearly anything to get rid of it. Yeah, let's purposefully try our hardest to induce it in another sentient being (more likely thousands or millions of them) because they can't fight back, and they look and act so different from us that their suffering doesn't activate our empathy in the same way. And once we've got a mouse with ME/CFS, let's do tests that would be unspeakable to do without consent on a human with ME/CFS, like a forced swim test, where they know they must swim indefinitely or literally die of drowning.

Wonderful is not the word I'd use to describe this.