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A brief thing about supplement brands

i have been trying to get this methylation thing right for quiet some time. it has mostly backfired. i started offf with jarrow methyl b12 and folate then moving on to thorne and now on solgar. NADA. everytime i will get this supreme potassium hunger with none of the good stuff. then i recently moved to pure encapsulations and it did create a world of difference for me. now its possible that it may have some fillers that you might not like. but the case in point is that please dont give up with one brand. try a different brand of folate/b12 and something might just click. I can definitely recommend pure encaps though.


Senior Member
I have used that product too for quite some time. And despite the presence of synthetic folic acid it worked pretty well, even with a double MTHFR 677 mutation.

Later I switched to this (similar) product:

This is definitely stronger so I just take 1/2 lozenge.


Senior Member
FYI: This product above contains Folic Acid.

Excellent news. And thank you too @PeterPositive for recommending another sublingual, active B-complex:
Here's the same formula (different label) at a slightly cheaper US Price: http://www.supplementhealthstore.com/Coenzymated-B-Formula-30-sublingual-tablets-details.php

I have been searching for a more effective B-Complex, specifically a sublingual, active B-vitamin complex for a while (tablets don't seem to work well for me; capsules okay). I thought the Source Naturals was perfect, until I saw it contained folic acid. Glad to know that it didn't bother some people, but I'm still wary of consuming synthetic folate. The SuperSmart one looks great too, though expensive. I think because it contains active-B's and is sublingual, the dosages needed can be lower in comparison to most B-complexes.

@Deltus and anyone else, how did you know one brand of B-complex wasn't working for you? I suspect it's happening to me, because I feel better when I add in individual B vitamins separately on top of my B-complex (B1, B2, and will be adding B5 soon).


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Well my tongue has been repeatedly developing red patches (glossitis aka tongue inflammation). This is usually a symptom of deficiency in any one of the b vitamins. No vitamin b complex did anything to it, but the sublingual one reduced the glossitis by 80%. Also the sublingual b vitamin gave a very slight increase in blood flow in my abdominal area, and gave a slight increase in energy, while normal b vitamins did not do that.