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A Balanced View of The Lightning Process

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I've done the lightning process, Mikel therapy etc but I don't quite understand the adrenaline thing

I would email them and ask them but they usually blank you after 6 sessions so I don't think I'd get a reply

They both i think seem to say that adrenaline causes me:cfs but at the same time looking back on it they always seemed to encourage me to produce more adrenaline so it's really confusing

For example they would encourage me to go to the gym, do things I enjoyed or found exciting but all of these things would always increase my adrenaline, they told me boredom was a if factor but if I do things to not be bored such as go to the gym then I'm pumped full of adrenaline for hours after it

Or o told them I found my job boring so they said do something more physical but each day in work I'm totally living on adrenaline, okay it stops me being depressed or bored but isnit not the adrenaline that's making me have cfs?

A part of me thinks they say things like this to confuse people so it's easier to blame them but to something I'd like to learn more about


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lso as far as the adrenaline thing goes. I do get very high adrenaline due to my ME. That was noticable to me even before my tests showed it was high. This happens in my case not due to any kind of bad thoughts at all but as a result of just orthostatic intollerance.. being upright.

I am like this too but have hugely improved over the years. A daily dose of beta blocker before getting up also helps.



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For a better understanding of what is happening in the body to people with ME see Washington Post article:


The research is ongoing. There are threads here on PR on the topic: http://forums.phoenixrising.me/inde...c-features-of-chronic-fatigue-syndrome.46486/

This might help give a sense of what this disease is really about.

Issues around adrenaline release are more likely to be from POTS which is often co-morbid with ME. There are often vascular and other physiological changes with POTS that are not likely amenable to change by the LP