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There are at this exact moment 714 member looking at this forum.

Did each one of you vote for the Chase Community Charities?
Have you asked your family and friends to vote?
If you haven't voted yet, this is a friendly reminder to do so.
Each of your vote counts. Your personal vote might be the one that pulls us one notch up!


Ohio, USA
Ohio, USA
We have to do this - it is the only time that we can win money from Chase. Because CAA and WPI both won in the first round already, they won't be eligible again, we only have a couple more days!


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It may or may not be a representative sample but if one looks at the poll I set up, 24 of the 26 people have Facebook accounts which translates to 659 of the 714 people; the basic point being that perhaps 90% do have Facebook accounts.

Don't forget to make a signature plugging the contest. It doesn't have to be long-winded like mine but colours are good. ETA: my own post prompted me to change my signature.