5 good & 5 bad! Add your own...

5 things which help you, and 5 things that make you worse, if you please!


OK here goes...

Hot Milk
Electric blanket
Vegetating with mind-numbing tv
9 hours sleep

Long hours staring at a computer screen
Naughty things like cigarettes or alcohol
Reading too much


OK, here I go....

Keeping my mind occupied

Talking to an actual live human being at least once a week

Eating even though I don't feel like it

Doing very small tasks with rests periods over several days - and doing only what is required

Stopping my mind with it starts down "what if Lane"

Not eating because I have no appetite or the energy to fix it, even if it only requires 2 minutes of being upright

Worrying about things I can't control

Staying up too late because that's when I've finally started to feel better

Not telling my kids the truth when they call = acting like I'm fine (I can sound very fine on the phone) I think this goes in both the good and the bad category.

Not checking my 'to do' list and letting things pile up

Probably should try to be up more than I am, but I've become afraid of the crashes - I hate the nausea, the overstimuation, brainfog, aches and pains, and generally feeling like I must be dying.....brings the anxiety on every time
The good and the bad

5 good things that help

A really healthy diet
Maintaining balance with the whole attitude/positive outlook issue
Spending time with the grandbabies
Great friends and family

5 bad things that make things worse

Getting sloppy with what I eat (junk food)
Lack of sleep
The cold


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5 things which help you, and 5 things that make you worse, if you please!


1. long soak in a hot bath

2. laying down on my bedpillow after it's been warmed with a hot water bottle with the cover scented with Lavender essential oil

3. (this should be no 1.) NOT going to work!

4. spending time in the garden (even though it plays havoc with my lower back pain).

5. wandering around the fresh food market on Satuday morning, choosing yummy organic fruit & veg & enjoying the hustle & bustle & chats with the stall keepers (even though I'm really tired when I get home).


1. Working a full time office job (which plays havoc on my symptoms & pain levels) :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

2. walking briskly for even 50 metres :(:(:(:(:(:((I used to power walk about 50kms a week 5-6 years ago)

3. spending a length of time in conversation with anyone :(:(:(:((except my younger brother's partner who is a real treasure).

4. cleaning the kitchen :eek: on the rare times I doing much cooking.

5. talking on the phone :mad::mad::mad:

6. Hot/humid weather over 23degrees :eek::eek::eek:(centigrade).

7. standing too long :(:(:(:(.

8. sitting too long :(:(:(:(.

9. bending over to pick something up off the ground :mad:

10. twisting :((which aggravates my lumbar back pain where I had surgery in June 2008)

11. not drinking enough water :p

12. drinking too much coffee to energise me to get to work & keep going all day:(

13. spending too much time on the computer :eek: (like right now)

14. not doing anything creative (I was an artist & designer):(:(:(

15. not getting time to sit & dream & stare out the window :eek::eek::eek:

16. Whoops.............sorry, it's supposed to be 5 isn't it :D

Victoria :)


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Melbourne, Australia

I can't stand the smell or taste of instant coffee - tastes like dirt.

I was caffiene free for 4 years. I'm a filtered water & herbal tea drinker.

But of all the herbs, supplements, I've tried, the Australian Robert Timms brand of Expresso coffee bags are the only thing I can tolerate (& work well).

They are made from a mix of fresh coffee beans & instant coffee & taste like freshly ground coffee.

The smell is divine - you feel like you're in some exotic European little cafe.

If I ever stop this stressful job & retire, I will be able to go back to caffiene free.

I believe coffee is very bad for your liver.



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5 good and 5 bad things


1. A long, very hot shower (nothing takes pain and stiffness away like this)

2. A free day and a really good escapist book to read. (don't like my non-life, so I get to escape to someone else's for awhile)

3. Lots of Magnesium, B Complex and L-tryptophan. (The 3 supps. that are essential to my life. I can really tell if I don't take them)

4. A long, in depth email from a friend. (makes me feel less isolated)

5. Warm, dry air temps. (makes me hurt a lot less)


1. Toxic people (Lyme rage guaranteed)

2. Too much to do in too little time (potential Lyme rage)

3. Noise, crowds, multi-tasking (aargh! brain freeze!)

4. Talking on the phone (there go my adrenals and normals do NOT understand this)

5. Having to ride in heavy traffic. (PSVT attack is certain w/o extra meds and headphones)

6. Cold air. (I added an extra bad one, because I just cannot get warm and my muscles are tight all winter long, even here in Florida.)

I thought this thread would be just a bit of fun but it's actually proving very interesting and useful :) Cheers all!


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Ive been skipping over this thread but I really like it...

Getting out and doing something/anything (unless its an absolute couch day)
Healthy diet with lots of veggies and protein. (juicing fresh veggies)
Being around people who make me laugh!!!!

BAD- :(
Too much computer
Too much reading about this illness
Going down the "what if" road
Too much cell phone time (anything over 10 minutes at a time)
Not getting enough sleep