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23andme Results - Genetic Genie

I am new to PR, and this is my first post, so I trust I am in the right forum and doing this entry correctly.

I just received my polymorphism information and have been reading many of the entries on PR which have been very helpful to me as a new student of SNPs. I am hoping that some of you may review my findings and comment as to the complications I may face trying to balance my neurotransmitters, reducing anxiety, retaining good levels of glutathione, without increasing ammonia, etc. From what understand so far, it looks like I need hydroxocobalamin and lithium orotate. I am experiencing anxiety and insomnia. I am 63.

COMT V158M + +
COMT H62H + +
MAO A R297R + +
MTHFR C677T + -
MTR A2756G + -
MTRR K350A + -
CBS A360A + -

Your feedback would be appreciated.


Senior Member
You probably don't need to worry about CBS as that is the minor mutation. The MTHFR mutation suggests that you might need methylfolate. MTR and MTRR affect both B12 intake and recycling, so some B12 for that. The combo of having both is known as the B12 double whammy. I have similar SNPs to you with MTHFR and MTR/MTRR. You might find that B12 is even more critical than folate.

Your COMT mutation is the touchiest one. Yasko suggests mostly hydroxycobalamin.
For VDR Bsm get your Vit. D levels checked and supplement if low.
Yasko suggests leaving MAO A until last and only supplement if you're still having mental health type problems, and then only sprinkles of 5htp. This is contraindicated if you're on an SSRI/SNRI medication.

I don't believe you can tell if you need lithium via SNPs. Yasko suggests a hair metal test (functional testing) to check for that.

If you've done functional testing that shows a combo of high glutamate and low GABA, that is one cause of anxiety. You can do GABA supplementation while simultaneously avoiding MSG (in most processed foods) and a handful of foods with naturally high glutamate - Parmesan cheese, peas, tomatoes and mushrooms.
Thanks so much for responding. Concerning the COMT, I am very sensitive to glutamate and have been avoiding anything that may contain it as it causes anxiety/insomnia/pain. I have tried taking Pharma GABA but it increased pain and caused terrible anxiety.

I received my hydroxocobalamin today and started with 2000 mcg split throughout the day. I believe it gave me some energy without wiring me. (I am a classic "wired but tired.") I also watched Yasko's COMT/dopamine video and started Vitamin D today, which I also split up in small doses through the day. ( I had tried Vitamin D many times before at regular doses, but it made me feel worse.) I believe the Vit D along with the HydroxB12 made today a little better with less pain and irritability. Before I had the 23and me test, I tried methylfolate and methylB12 which definitely wired me.

I was under the impression CBS, even +- could cause a drain of methyl groups and increase ammonia. Should I use test strips just in case? (I have a lot of inflammation/fatigue.) I have also begun to reduce animal protein.