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23andme/genetic genie results. Need help

hey everyone, first time posting on this forum although i've been a visitor for some time. I've been doing some research and reading of my own but im feeling a bit overwhelmed with information right now. I was hoping i could get some help interpreting all of this. I have a number of health/mental problems that lead me in this direction so im hoping to try and get on the right track. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Methylation Profile:

COMT V158M rs4680 GG -/-
COMT H62H rs4633 CC -/-
COMT P199P rs769224 GG -/-
VDR Bsm rs1544410 CT +/-
VDR Taq rs731236 AG +/-
MAO A R297R rs6323 T +/+
ACAT1-02 rs3741049 GG -/-
MTHFR C677T rs1801133 AG +/-
MTHFR 03 P39P rs2066470 GG -/-
MTHFR A1298C rs1801131 GG +/+
MTR A2756G rs1805087 AA -/-
MTRR A66G rs1801394 AA -/-
MTRR H595Y not found n/a not genotyped
MTRR K350A rs162036 AA -/-
MTRR R415T not found n/a not genotyped
MTRR A664A rs1802059 GG -/-
BHMT-02 rs567754 CC -/-
BHMT-04 not found n/a not genotyped
BHMT-08 rs651852 CC -/-
AHCY-01 rs819147 TT -/-
AHCY-02 not found n/a not genotyped
AHCY-19 rs819171 TT -/-
CBS C699T rs234706 GG -/-
CBS A360A rs1801181 GG -/-
CBS N212N not found n/a not genotyped
SHMT1 C1420T not found n/a not genotyped

Detox Profile:
CYP1A1*2C A4889G rs1048943 TT -/-
CYP1A1 m3 T3205C rs4986883 TT -/-
CYP1A1 C2453A rs1799814 GG -/-
CYP1A2 164A>C rs762551 AC +/-
CYP1B1 L432V rs1056836 GG +/+
CYP1B1 N453S rs1800440 TT -/-
CYP1B1 R48G rs10012 CG +/-
CYP2A6*2 1799T>A rs1801272 AA -/-
CYP2A6*20 rs28399444 II -/-
CYP2C9*2 C430T rs1799853 CT +/-
CYP2C9*3 A1075C rs1057910 AA -/-
CYP2C19*17 rs12248560 CC -/-
CYP2D6 S486T rs1135840 CG +/-
CYP2D6 100C>T rs1065852 GG -/-
CYP2D6 2850C>T rs16947 AG +/-
CYP2E1*1B 9896C>G rs2070676 CC -/-
CYP2E1*1B 10023G>A rs55897648 GG -/-
CYP2E1*4 4768G>A rs6413419 GG -/-
CYP3A4*1B rs2740574 TT -/-
CYP3A4*2 S222P rs55785340 AA -/-
CYP3A4*3 M445T rs4986910 AA -/-
CYP3A4*16 T185S rs12721627 GG -/-
GSTP1 I105V rs1695 AG +/-
GSTP1 A114V rs1138272 CC -/-
SOD2 A16V rs4880 GG +/+
NAT1 R187Q rs4986782 GG -/-
NAT1 R64W rs1805158 CC -/-
NAT2 I114T rs1801280 CT +/-
NAT2 R197Q rs1799930 AG +/-
NAT2 G286E rs1799931 GG -/-
NAT2 R64Q rs1801279 GG -/-
NAT2 K268R rs1208 AG +/-