1. RyeRyeBread

    Anyone try a Fold & Go Chair?

    Does anyone have any experience or interest in the Fold&Go Magshock electric wheelchair? I've been searching for different mobility aids to help me get back to work, and I've fallen in love with the idea of this chair lol It's about 55lbs, completely weather-proof, and foldable to a size that...
  2. PracticingAcceptance

    Wheelchair Training Guide

    Found this gem today. It's a guide on how to use a wheelchair - not just the technical bit, but social aspects too. This is the page on how to go up and down ramps/hills. https://www.wheelchairnet.org/WCN_ProdServ/Docs/MWTG/Sec4/sec4.html This is the main page - scroll down to the bottom to...